is a video seminar series featuring some of the nation’s foremost Christian experts on Divorce and recovery topics as seen from the biblical perspective.  The evening is structured with open discussion and sharing on the topic of the video, in a safe and supportive environment. DivorceCare will start this fall,

September 12 at Resurrection Parish, 3155 Windsor Park Road in Regina.  To register, please call Deborah at 306-789-2378.

Thinking about Separation or Divorce? 

Is your marriage or that of a relative or friend heading for divorce?  Do you know how to save that marriage?

Retrouvaille (pronounced retro-vie) is designed to help troubled marriages regain their health and re-awaken the love, trust and commitment that originally brought them together. 

Here is a link to resources within the Archdiocese of Regina: 


This link will take you o the starting pages to register for the programs offered through Saskatoon:


search our website www.retrouvaille.org 

 www.helpourmarriage.com takes you to a good description of the Retrouvialle process and it's benefits.

 The Four Stages of Marriage. Please watch me first!

A Weekend of Hope

Reconciliation from An Affair

Living with a Stranger

Unresolved Issues: A Lack of Communications